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Around the Curonian Spit – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Around the Curonian Spit – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Around the Curonian Spit – a UNESCO World Heritage Site
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Important tour notice:

  • It is quite an active tour that is not recommended for those who have walking difficulties or leg pain.
  • Guides speaking English, German and other languages.
  • Price varies by group size.


The Curonian Spit is a narrow stretch of land that prevents the waves of the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon from “meeting”. The emergence of this sandy stretch of land is surrounded by several legends that you will hear from the tour guide. People used to inhabit this wooded strip of land separating the lagoon and the sea from ancient times. According to archaeological research, the first settlements were established there during the Neolithic period. The stretch is about one hundred kilometres long and varies in width 0.4 to 4 kilometres. Wind in tandem with waves poses a real threat to the survival of this magnificent natural wonder, and it is only through great and constant human effort that we can admire the gorgeous nature of the Curonian Spit to this day.

The tour will start in one of the oldest settlements of the Curonian Spit - in the charming Juodkrantė, which boasts a beautiful Amber Bay and lots of stone sculptures. After visiting Juodkrantė and getting to know its sights and attractions, you will drive to the Grey Dunes, more commonly known as the Dead Dunes. The name of the dunes was derived based on the colour of vegetation prevailing here. The site is rightly considered to be one of the most valuable in the whole Curonian Spit. Stretching for over one kilometre, the educational trail through the Grey Dunes, that hide as many as four villages and a couple of ancient cemeteries under their sands, will give you a magnificent view of this wonderland, a peek into the history and an opportunity to see something you won’t see anywhere else. You will have some time to stroll and admire the breathtaking landscape.

You will travel to explore one of the most popular dunes on the Lithuanian seaside by climbing up to the famous Parnidis Dune, which reaches over fifty meters. The view that opens from the top will enchant you and make you fall in love with this place - have no doubt!

Literature lovers will enjoy a stop at the Thomas Mann Memorial Museum. The writer, when visiting the place in 1929, was so overwhelmed by the beauty of the area and, according to the writer himself, by the world of the wandering dunes, that he soon bought a home there, in which he spent three summers. The tour will continue by a meaningful time in the Mizgiriai Amber Museum. You will see the old workshops for amber processing, the tools used for that purpose, a wonderful collection of inclusions, and will learn a lot new and deepen your knowledge about amber and its significance in Lithuanian history and culture, as well as about the possibilities of the use of amber. The fascinating exhibits of the museum will perfectly illustrate everything you will hear from your guide. After the eventful day in the Curonian Spit, you will have a bus ride to Klaipėda. There you will briefly stop in the heart of the city - the Theatre Square, where you will be greeted by the adorable sculpture of the Ann from Tharau dedicated to the poet Simon Dach.

Duration: 7-8 hours

Tour price includes:

  • Transport services;
  • Guide service;
  • A ferry ticket to the Curonian Spit;
  • Entrance fee to the Museum Thomas Mann;
  • Entrance fee  to Dead dunes.

Tour price doesn't include:

  • Travel expenses;
  • Lunch.

The trip is booking throughout the year.

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