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Grand Baltic Tour by Car
The Baltics invites You! Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
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Grand Baltic Tour by Car

Grand Baltic Tour by Car
Grand Baltic Tour by Car
Grand Baltic Tour by Car
from   1116

During the trip, travel distance is about 1283 km. You will visit three capitals of Baltic states: Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius.

Day 1. Arrival in Tallinn.
Pick up rental car in Tallinn airport. Accommodation in Tallinn at 4-star hotel.

Day 2. Tallinn.
After breakfast walking tour through the old town of Tallinn. Tallinn's Old Town - this is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in Europe. There are preserved residences of merchants, cozy streets and churches, also  because of the historic center, Tallinn is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the tour you will visit: Toompea tower, Alexander Nevski Cathedral, an original almost 2 km long city wall, medieval streets with the remaining fortifications and many more. Accommodation in Tallinn 4-star hotel.

Day 3. Tallinn - Paide - Poltsamaa - Tartu (about 200 km).
After breakfast, travel to Tartu. Along the way we will visit the Paide city, which is also called "the heart of Tallinn". It is worth to visit Paides Order Castle where the time center "Wittenstein" is located and to inspect lime tree sculptures. Along the way to Tartu, visit the wine capital of Estonia - Poltsama, a small, cozy city with its beautiful park, Rose Island, river views and magnificent white bridge. City residents take pride in Nikolai Church, whose red tower welcomes you afar. Make sure to taste local wines from Poltsama castle courtyard wine cellar. City of Tartu is an intellectual and cultural center, with the oldest university in Estonia. It is worth visiting the historic center of Tartu, especialy Town Hall Square, to see the kissing students fountain, as well as father and son sculpture. Be sure to walk through Angel bridge - it is said that you need to make a wish when going across it, and it will come true. For those interested in physics, chemistry and other sciences they must visit AHHAA Science Center. Accommodation in Tartu 4-star hotel.

Day 4. Tartu - Cesis - Sigulda - Turaida - Riga (about 283 km).
After breakfast, drive towards Riga. Going through the Gauja National Park, opened in 1973. and occupying 91745 ha area. Visit the Cesi - it is a friendly, open and fast-developing city. Cesis has a number of interesting tourist sites, for tourists posing significant historical interest and curiosity. First of all – this Cesis medieval castle attracts tourists all year round. To the north of Cesis Castle complex there are a great May garden, protecting a small sculpture park, the gothic St. John's Church, Cesis Old Town, in which - one of the four former city gate remains - as well as the Victorian monument built for Latvian freedom fighters to honor. Next stop in Sigulda, also known as the Vidzeme of Switzerland. Sigulda certainly not short on points of interest - it is Sigulda castle, Evangelical Lutheran Church, monuments in honor of the defenders of the country, the old soldiers' graves. On the way to Turaida you should visit Gautmano cave. In Turaida visit the Turaida castle. In the evening, arrive in Riga and overnight at 4-star hotel.

Day 5. Riga.
After breakfast, walking tour throug the Riga Old Town which is added to UNESCO's cultural heritage. The city has a long history and rich cultural heritage with a diverse architecture, and especially fascinated  art nouveau buildings. During the tour you will see: Evangelical Lutheran Dome Cathedral, St. Peter, St. Jacob's Church, Town Hall Square, merchants guild buildings, defensive walls remainings, the freedom monument and other famous sights of the town. Accommodation in Riga 4-star hotel.

Day 6. Riga - Bauska - Rundales Castle - Šiauliai - Palanga (about 317 km).
After breakfast drive to Palanga. Along the way, visit the Bauska city. City Celebrities: Bauska Castle, City Hall, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Next stop at tourist destination baroque-rococo style Rundales castle. The park is surrounded by 10 acres of French garden, the castle houses a museum. Stop near Šiauliai, at the Hill of Crosses. Hill of Crosses - is an historical and architectural monument, a unique folk art ensemble. It attracts people, all believers with its peace, spirituality, authentic and sacred being. In 1993. September 7th it was visited by Pope John Paul II. In the evening, arrive at the resort of Palanga. The city prides itself on its Amber Museum and Park. The museum has 4,500 amber jewelery. Accommodation in Palanga, a 3-star hotel.

Day 7. Palanga - Klaipeda - Nida (about 85 km).
Breakfast. Going to Klaipeda. Klaipeda old town deserves attention with its half-timbering buildings, cobbled streets, Annie of Tharaw fountain, John hill, the old bazaar, a cruise ship terminal. Here, you can dine in the cozy neighborhood of Friedrich's passage. You are crossing by ferry to the Curonian Spit, which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. In 2002, Nida's beaches have been awarded the "Blue Flag" status. At Juodkrantė visit the Amber Bay, witch mountain, cormorant colony. On the way to Pervalka visit to the Dead dune valley. Arriving in Nida. Overnight in a guest house.

Day 8. Nida.
Today's day to spend on your own. Stroll along the Nida beach, visit the higher dunes with a sun clock, explore traditional fishermen's cottages, Nida lighthouse, visit the Thomas Mann Museum, boat, swim, ride a bike or just spending time in the beach. Accommodation in Nida.

Day 9. Nida.
Time in Nida. Overnight in a guest house.

Day 10. Nida-Panemunė Castle-Raudone Castle-Kaunas-Vilnius (about 398 km).
After breakfast drive to Kaunas, Lithuania's second largest city. City is famous for its old town with the town hall, the cathedral, and pedestrian "Liberty Avenue". When going to Kaunas  you will follow the picturesque valley of the Nemunas River. Visit the renaissance (with gothic elements) Panemunė castle and  Raudonė castle built in the 16th century, which is well preserved  red tower. Arrival in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius. Night in Vilnius, 4-star hotel.

Day 11. Vilnius.
After breakfast, an excursion through Vilnius. You will visit the Town Hall Square, St. Peter and Paul church, the famous Castle Street, Gates of Dawn, Vilnius University District. If you would like you can visit Trakai, distant 26 km from Vilnius. Overnight in Vilnius, 4-star hotel.

Day 12.
Car return. Flight from Vilnius Airport.

Price per person: € 1116 (double occupancy)

The price includes:
• 12 days of car rental;
• 8 x accommodation with breakfast 3,4,-star hotels;
• 3 x bed and breakfast guest house in Nida;
• Tours in Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, with English speaking guide;
• Map of the itinerary, all required travel documents.

The price does not include:
• The entrance to the Center of Time "Wittenstein" paide order castle (6 Euro);
• The entrance to the Turaidos Castle Museum (5 Euro);
• Ecological charge to Suronian Spit (9 Euro);
• Crossing by ferry to the Curonian Spit (price for a car 11,05 Euro, price for a person 0.80 Euro)
• The entrance to the Rundales castle (5 - 10 Euro);
• Entrance to the Amber Museum in Palanga (2,35 Euro);
• Entrance to the Thomas Mann Museum in Nida (1.74 Euro).
• The entrance to the Panemunė castle (1.15 Euro);
• Entrance into the Raudonė castle (0.60 Euro).

Additionally, we can reserve:
• Plane tickets;
• English-speaking guide services in Tartu, Palanga, Klaipėda, Nida.

The trip can be booked all year round. Recommended time from May to end of September.

Possible changes to the program.

Our pricing system is flexible.

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