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Guided Walking Tour around Klaipeda
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Guided Walking Tour around Klaipeda

Guided Walking Tour around Klaipeda
from 55 Eur

Important tour notice:

  • The tour is not recommended for people with reduced mobility or other mobility problems.
  • Guides speaking English, German and other languages.
  • Price varies by group size.


The tour will start at the Cruise Ship Terminal next to the Childhood Dream sculpture, depicting a boy with a dog. You will have the opportunity to admire the snowy sales of yachts and small boats in their designated marina, securely protected against the winds and waves.

After passing rotary bridge you will get acquainted with the Klaipėda‘s castle history and its future plans.

You will also visit the Theatre Square, which is considered to be ‘the heart’ of Klaipėda and is very popular both with local people and guests to the city. It is a place where lots of concerts, various arts and cultural events are held, as well as the place where one of the biggest festivals in the port city - the Sea Festival - takes place every summer. You will see the beautiful sculpture of Ann from Tharau (lith. Taravos Anikė), fachwerk buildings that are fascinating to many and evoke allusions to Germany. The Blacksmith’s Museum and the History Museum of Lithuania Minor are located in the old town as well.

While walking through the old town of Klaipėda, you will soon notice that the streets are truly regular here: almost all streets cross at right angles, which creates an impression of order. The guide will make sure to give you the specifics of the layout of the streets, as well as the architectural features and the history of the buildings that line them.

The guide will show you the sculptures that have been decorating the old town for many years and have become a real tourist attraction. You will see The Cat with Gentleman’s Face (lith. Katinas džentelmeno veidu), once a popular attraction that later disappeared and returned to its place in 2006. Another sculpture - the Magical Mouse (lith. Stebuklingasis peliukas) - is a tiny one and, perhaps, which is what makes it so attractive. According to the authors, the mouse can make your wishes come true: all you need to do is to whisper them in the ear of this creature. Find out if it is true during the tour! You will also see the Dragon (lith. Dragon) sculpture. It was inspired by one of the stories about the emergence of the city of Klaipėda, which you will learn from the guide. And, when approaching the Meridian sailboat, you will see something strange on the roof of a house: a chimney sweep. The creation of the Chimney Sweep (lith. Kaminkrėtys) sculpture was inspired by the wish to revive the legend of the chimney sweeps, which you will hear from your tour guide.

The tour route also includes John’s Hill (lith. Jono kalnelis), where you will have the opportunity to see the only surviving ravelin. You will hear lots of interesting things about the fortifications of the centuries-old city, their origins, features, advantages they gave, and, finally, permission to demolish them.

The guide will also provide information on the best-rated places to eat, where you can taste and enjoy rich dishes of traditional Lithuanian cuisine.

Duration: 2 hours

Tour price includes:

  • Guide service;
  • Handouts;

Tour price doesn't include:

  • Transfers from the port to the city;
  • Entrances to museums;
  • Personal expenses;

The trip is booking throughout the year.

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