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Klaipėda Old Town and Castle Museum
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Klaipėda Old Town and Castle Museum

Klaipėda Old Town and Castle Museum
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Important tour notice:

  • The tour is designed for healthy and active people and is not recommended for those who have walking difficulties or leg pain.
  • Guides speaking English, German and other languages;
  • Price varies by group size.


You will start the tour at the Klaipėda Cruise Ship Terminal, specifically, at the Childhood Dream (lith. Vaikystės svajonė) sculpture, which depicts a boy with a dog, viewing departing and arriving ships. From there you will move towards one of the most important attractions of the old town - the Castle Museum. It is a true treasure-house of history: exhibits of the museum will ‘narrate’ the history of the city, its development, the origin of the name, the past of the castle itself, and its significance at that time and now. In the museum, you will find out who ruled Klaipėda, see unique archaeological finds, documents, traditional 17th-century clothing and a host of other interesting exhibits that evoke curiosity and illustrate historical events. A special aura of the Castle Museum is created not only by the abundance of exhibits but also by the authentic poternas of the 16th and 18th centuries.

After exploring exhibits of the museum, enhancing your knowledge and discovering a variety of new and exciting things, you will walk to the Theatre Square, where no less interesting sights await you. One of the first to be seen is the Ann from Tharau (lith. Taravos Anikė) sculpture dedicated to Simon Dach. A young barefoot girl portrayed in the sculpture is one of more prominent characters created by S. Dach. You will also see the Drama Theatre building, beautiful architectural solutions in the Theatre Square, and learn from the guide about the history of Klaipėda Old Town, the peculiarities of the layout of its streets, as well as familiarise yourself with the architecture and prevailing features of Klaipėda Old Town. You will have the opportunity to see the fachverk buildings that are the pride of the old town.

While walking in the old town of Klaipėda, it is simply impossible not to notice its exceptional sculptures. One of them is a proud Cat with Gentleman’s Face (lith. Katinas su džentelmeno veidu), a creature that makes you smile and has a long history. At the crossing of Kurpių and Kepėjų streets, there is a tiny Magical Mouse (lith. Stebuklingasis peliukas) sculpture. Whisper your wish into the ear of the mouse and watch what happens! The authors of the sculpture say that good wishes come true for sure. The Dragon (lith. Slibinas) sculpture will not go unnoticed either: the art piece featuring a dragon sitting on the wall of a building of the old town was inspired by one of the legends depicting the emergence of Klaipėda city. You will learn about it from the guide during the tour. There will also be a stop at a building with a chimney sweep looking at you from the roof. Surely, not a real one - the Chimney Sweep (lith. Kaminkrėtys) sculpture has already become a symbol of Klaipėda Old Town.

Another place worth visiting is the John’s Hill (lith. Jono kalnelis), where you will have the opportunity to see the only surviving ravelin, hear lots of interesting facts about the fortifications of the city and the advantages they gave to the city at that time. You will probably get hungry during this active sightseeing tour, so the guide will show you the places to eat in Klaipėda Old Town. The cafes and restaurants located here will give you an insight into the features of traditional Lithuanian cuisine. The tour includes guide service and a ticket to the Castle Museum.

Duration: 2 hours

Tour price includes:

  • The tour includes guide service
  • Ticket to the Castle Museum.

Tour price doesn't include:

  • Personal expenses;
  • Transfers from the port to the city;

The trip is booking throughout the year.

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