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Klaipeda - Travemünde (TT-Line)
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Klaipeda - Travemünde (TT-Line)

Take the connecting route with "TT-Line" ferries from Klaipeda to Germany via Treleborg. Even a seven-time ferry departing from Klaipeda will help you reach Treleborg (Sweden), from where ferries to Rostock or Travemünde depart as many as six times a day. At some departures, you do not even need to change the ferry, and when necessary, our shore staff is ready to help you. After leaving the ferry, all you have to do is follow the "Follow me" car, which will help you cross to the next ferry.

Germany, which attracts tourists all over the world, is famous for its extraordinary beauty of nature, impressive architecture, innovations, a high technological level and a developed infrastructure that allows you to comfortably travel both by your own car and by public transport.

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