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“ŠVYTURYS” Brewery and a Taste of it's Products
The Baltics invites You! Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
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“ŠVYTURYS” Brewery and a Taste of it's Products

“ŠVYTURYS” Brewery and a Taste of it's Products
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Important tour notice:

  • The tour is designed for physically active and healthy people without mobility problems and is not recommended for those who have walking difficulties;
  • The tour ist available from 5 people;


Leaving the Klaipėda port, cruise ships, and romantic white sales of yachts behind, you will move towards the old town of Klaipėda, where you will be greeted by historical buildings, eloquent sculptures, other attractions, and will hear a bunch of interesting stories from your guide. Once in the old town, you will see the Castle Museum and will stop in the Theatre Square that acquired the name of the ‘heart of the city’. There, in the middle of the fountain, a beautiful Ann from Tharau (lith. Taravos Anikė) sculpture dedicated to the German poet Simon Dach stands. And it is not the only interesting sculpture with a unique history in the old town of Klaipėda. You will also see a Cat with Gentleman’s Face (lith. Katinas džentelmeno veidu) to make you smile, and, a bit further, a tiny Magical Mouse (lith. Stebuklingasis peliukas). You should whisper a wish into its ear, and, if the wish is fair, it will definitely come true! Another attraction of the old town of Klaipėda is the Dragon (lith. Slibinas) sculpture, which adorns the wall of one of the buildings in the old town. The guide will tell you the legend that inspired the creation of this elaborate sculpture. While walking around the old town, it is impossible not to notice the Chimney Sweep (lith. Kaminkrėtys) sculpture that has ‘climbed’ on one of the roofs of the old town not by chance as well - the guide will narrate you an interesting story that surrounds the creation of this sculpture.

After exploring the amazing sculptures located in the old town of Klaipėda and admiring the architectural solutions of the buildings, you will move to the John’s Hill (lith. Jono kalnelis), where you will have the opportunity to see the only surviving ravelin, while the guide will tell you many interesting things about the fortifications of the city.

Švyturys Brewery in Klaipėda is another significant attraction of the port city. Have you ever seen how beer is ‘born’? The visit to this famous brewery and tasting various flavours will cause a lot of excitement. It is a brewery that cherishes long-standing traditions of brewing. It was founded by merchant J.W. Reincke back in 1784. Perhaps your beliefs and knowledge about beer are limited to the fact that beer can be dark or bright and strong or light? If that’s how it is, your knowledge will be sufficiently enhanced during this tour to the brewery, as you will learn about a much greater variety of types of beer produced at Švyturys Brewery, as well as about brewing traditions and the bear brewing process from the very beginning up to a finished product. You will learn a lot of interesting things and ... be able to personally taste and evaluate the beer that has gained recognition all around the world.

After tasting the delicious beer at Švyturys Brewery, you will probably be hungry, so the guide will show you the best places to eat in the old town of Klaipėda.

Duration: 4 hours

Tour price includes:

  • Guide service;
  • Bear tasting at the Švyturys Brewery;

Tour price doesn't include:

  • Travel expenses;

The trip is booking throughout the year.

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