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The Bird Watcher's Paradise of Vente Horn
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The Bird Watcher's Paradise of Vente Horn

The Bird Watcher's Paradise of Vente Horn
from 125 Eur

Important tour notice:

  • The tour is designed for active people without mobility problems and is not recommended for those who have walking difficulties, as it might be a real challenge for them.
  • Guides speaking English, German and other languages.
  • Price varies by group size.


After a short stop in Kintai, you will head towards Ventė close to the Curonian Lagoon. You will go on a neat, comfortable, air-conditioned bus, so the journey won’t be tiring or tedious. One of the most famous attractions in Ventė is a bird ringing station located on the Ventė Cape, a small peninsula on the eastern coast of the Curonian Lagoon. You will soon notice that the main highlight of the place is a lighthouse, dating back for over a century, located at the very tip of the Ventė Cape. From a strategic point of view, the area is a perfect place for bird ringing, as a bird migration route that is rightly considered to be one of the major routes stretches along the eastern coast of the sea. Millions of birds come to this place every year, when returning to their native lands in spring or moving to the warmer climates in autumn to escape the winter. You will have an opportunity to see for yourself what a spectacular view it is.

The guide will provide you with information about the bird ringing station that was founded there by Professor Tadas Ivanauskas. Birds are captured using special traps that are completely safe for birds, and then ringed. Such ringed birds may then be found in the most distant places, such as countries located in the south of Africa. There are days when up to a couple of hundred thousand birds fly over this cape! You will find out the benefits of bird ringing and the information it allows to reveal, such as where birds are spending their winters, how many years they live, and many other interesting things.

Did you know that the ornithology station opened on the Ventė Cape in 1929 was one of the first in Europe? Once there, you will find out lots of interesting facts: you will learn about the history of bird ringing, bird migration research, and the unique and unparalleled world of birdwatching. You will also find out that, currently, around eighty thousands of birds per year are captured there by the use of huge nets and, after ringing, they can freely continue their journey. The Ornithology Station Museum will not only provide you with a wealth of new knowledge on bird migration and ringing, but also present information about the landscape of the Curonian Lagoon and the fauna predominant there.

Let’s go back to the lighthouse, as it will give unforgettable impressions too. An observation deck installed there offers breathtaking views of the magnificent lagoon and the spectacular silky sand dunes. It is not surprising that the Curonian Spit is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Duration: 6 hours

Tour price includes:

  • Transport services;
  • Guide service;
  • Tickets to the Ventė Cape Ornithological Station.

Tour price doesn't include:

  • Travel expenses

The trip is booking throughout the year.

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